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If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you


Executive or Leadership coaching is solution focused, it is designed to give you time to concentrate on your own leadership and performance. Being a leader is difficult and it can be lonely, with lots of priorities going on, however through careful listening, insightful and challenging questioning, and exploring options, coaching will give you the space to reflect, make decisions and plan your next steps at the pace that suits you.

Who have I coached?

  1. I have coached managers who are new to leadership and navigating change.

  2. Middle managers who are facing difficult team issues or want to improve the performance of the team.

  3. More recently I have worked with business owners and senior leaders who have wanted to increase or diversify their business or develop their own leadership skills.

Benefits for you:

 Make better decisions with clarity of purpose

 Enhanced communication skills and build better relationships

 Wellbeing and resilience

 Confidence and focus

 Impact and presence with increased self-awareness 

 Improved performance and motivation of others

 Understanding your leadership style

 Personal Development

For the organisation and team:

 Greater leadership capability 

 The development of stronger, more effective teams 

 Improvements in employee engagement, performance and productivity 

 Enhanced communication skills, decision making and relationship building

 Ability to support others through change 

 Psychological wellbeing and confidence

 Improved staff satisfaction and retention

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