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Coaching in the natural environment

Coaching is traditionally held indoors, it can become even more effective when you step outside the constraints of a formal office.  Walking through the environment or just being outdoors can create stimuli for conversations that are difficult to find in office bound coaching sessions. You may find it more relaxing to be away from your normal environment and at the same time giving your well-being a boost!  

Benefits for you:

Walking reduces face to face nature of coaching so less formal

✓ Use of symbols/objects help coachee access ideas and meanings

✓ Restores cognitive thinking

✓ Sensory connections, both visual and auditory

 Exploration of metaphors and imagery to provide insight and clarity

 Connection to outside enhances our physical, emotional and psychological well-being

 Deeper sense of awareness, creativity in solutions compared to an office environment

Restorative and stress relieving effects of blue and green spaces on the body and mind

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