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Start your journey, shape your future


Mentoring is an advisory relationship where an individual offers the benefit of their knowledge, expertise, and advice to someone with less experience. With a background in Human Resources, I have worked with a range of organisations, and I have supported people at all levels by helping them to develop their career, skills and experience. I am an active member of the University of Manchester's Gold Mentoring Scheme. 

"Mentoring happens when one person uses their wisdom to stimulate wisdom in another" - David Clutterbuck


What can I offer?

  1. Professional dialogue and advice.

  2. Helping you to set goals and identify opportunities.

  3. Space to try out new ideas in a safe environment.

  4. Encouragement and feedback.

  5. Help to develop connections and networks.

Benefits for you:

 Manage career and improve your skills

 Increased confidence and self-awareness

 Focus on career and personal development

 Plan your next steps to success

 Support, guidance and advice

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